Tinox® will launch R-2280 in India at Plastivision2020, Mumbai for the first time.

Tinox R-2280

Product description TINOX® R-2280 is a sulfate-route TiO2 grade for high-end plastic applications. The unique posttreatment based on exceptional base-material leads to outstanding pigment properties in plastics applications. Essential features of R-2280 close the TiO2 technical gaps between the sulfate process(SP) and chloride process(CP). As a result, TINOX® R-2280 brings end-users a brighter option in the combination of excellent performance and economical advantage.

Tests in Fifield of SP and CP plastic grades The results of comparison tests on both Eastern and Western competitors shows that R-2280 ranks clearly above the performances of SP TiO2 and similar to CP TiO2 in most disciplines (Fig.1)



The TINOX® R-2280 performance 5 out of 11 ranked first, the rest is above the average

On K Fair 2019, the Tinox® R-2280 was the first time launching globally. Highly recognized by many European partners since then. Now, after the opening of the India branch, Tinox decided to knock the plastic field of India market by this product.

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