Tinox & Rohnos have strategically aligned in plastivision2020

Tinox Chemie GmbH is  a Global  TiO2 (Titanium Di Oxide)manufacturer  head quartered in Dusseldorf Germany with  three manufacturing facility in China.

During this exhibition, the Tinox R-2280 was first time introduced by Rohnos Pigments into India market. This product was widely accepted as the replacement for CP  (Chloride Process) grade TiO2 in EU’s plastic industry for it’s excellent blue undertone and opacity.

Rohnos Pigments whose known in the market   for marketing of TiO2 (Titanium Di Oxide)  in aligning/partnering with Tinox  as an Exclusive Agent will bring together synergies  for exploiting market  share  of TiO2  (Titanium Di Oxide)  to  the  full potential  for  an equivalaent European grade at  very  competitive prices.

The association  of Rohnos Pigments as exclusive Agent  for India & Nepal  for TiO2  ( Titanium Di Oxide)  is being further strengthened  with  Tinox Chemie GmbH ,  with their joint participation  In the Plastivision  India  2020 held  at the

Bombay Exhibition Centre at Goreagon Mumbai.  Between 16-01-2020  & 20-01-2020. Our  Stall  at the Exhibition  received a overwhelming  response with  several  prospective clients  showing their interest  for  supporting us with orders  in the coming days.

Tinox Chemie  GmbH  has chosen  Rohnos  Pigments  because of the track  record  of their marketing skills  as  described by Santosh Katvi  the Managing Dorector  of  Rohnos Pigments.

In the words of  Santosh  Katvi  “ Tinox  Chemie  GmbH would be an ideal Partner backed with a German Technology which  will  be  European quality  at  competitive prices will   be  a great  asset  to  have a crack in the Indian Market  and is confident  that in the coming years/ days  will be reckoned  as a Market leader. “

Santosh Katvi

Santosh Katvi  a chemistry graduate  with post  graduate qualifications  in Marketing  .  Santosh Katvi has a solid grounding with  experience of  over  three decades in marketing  of  TiO2  (Titanium Di Oxide).

We  both  Tinox  Chemie GmbH  & Rohnos Pigments  are confident that we  as  strategic partners  will  have fruitful  association for  a long enduring relationship with  our Customers  in serving them as  a reliable dependable service  & solution provider.