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Product sourcing services

With years experience over titanium dioxide, Tinox® build a wide and highly professional network of related materials production, supplying and quality control. Covering a wide range of industries as, pigment industry, paints and coatins industry, plastic industry, rubber industry, and construction chemical industry etc.

Product sourcing services list

Iron oxide pigments - FepureTM
Grade No.C. I. PigmentColor IndexChemical Formula
R-101Pigment Red 10177491Fe2O3 •αH2O
R-110Pigment Red 11077492Fe2O3 • αH2O
R-120Pigment Red 12077493Fe2O3 •αH2O
R-130Pigment Red 13077494Fe2O3 •αH2O
R-140Pigment Red 14077495Fe2O3 •αH2O
R-160Pigment Red 16077496Fe2O3 •αH2O
R-180Pigment Red 18077497Fe2O3 •αH2O
R-190Pigment Red 19077498Fe2O3 •αH2O
Y-311Pigment Yellow 31177492Fe2O3 •H2O/FeOOH
Y-313Pigment Yellow 31377492Fe2O3 •H2O/FeOOH
Y-586Pigment Yellow 58677492Fe2O3 •H2O/FeOOH
Y-810Pigment Yellow 81077492Fe2O3 •H2O/FeOOH
B-318Pigment Black 31877499Fe3O4/Fe2O3 •FeO
B-330Pigment Black 33077499Fe3O4/Fe2O3 •FeO
B-740Pigment Black 74077499Fe3O4/Fe2O3 •FeO
B-750Pigment Black 75077499Fe3O4/Fe2O3 •FeO
B-760Pigment Black 76077499Fe3O4/Fe2O3 •FeO
G-835Pigment Green 83577492/74160Compound
G-5605Pigment Green 560577492/74160Compound
Organic pigments
ProductColorCI NO.ReachCoating WCoating SInk WInk SInk DInk OPlastic
TINOX®ColourYellow 120TFull shade/Tint shadePY 12Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 120(O)Full shade/Tint shadePY 12Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 120PFull shade/Tint shadePY 12Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 130Full shade/Tint shadePY 13Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 131Full shade/Tint shadePY 13
TINOX®ColourYellow 140TFull shade/Tint shadePY 14Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 140Full shade/Tint shadePY 14Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 170Full shade/Tint shadePY 17
TINOX®ColourYellow 650Full shade/Tint shadePY 65
TINOX®ColourYellow 740Full shade/Tint shadePY 74Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 740TFull shade/Tint shadePY 74Complied
TINOX®ColourYelow 830WFull shade/Tint shadePY 83
TINOX®ColourYelow 830PFull shade/Tint shadePY 83
TINOX®ColourYelow 8302Full shade/Tint shadePY 83Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 1101Full shade/Tint shadePY 110Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 1102Full shade/Tint shadePY 110Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 1380Full shade/Tint shadePY 138
TINOX®ColourYellow 1500Full shade/Tint shadePY 150Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 1510Full shade/Tint shadePY 151
TINOX®ColourYellow 1680Full shade/Tint shadePY 168
TINOX®ColourYellow 1740Full shade/Tint shadePY 174Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 1801TFull shade/Tint shadePY 180Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 1802TRFull shade/Tint shadePY 180Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 1830Full shade/Tint shadePY 183Complied
TINOX®ColourYellow 1830WFull shade/Tint shadePY 183
TINOX®ColourYellow 1910Full shade/Tint shadePY 191Complied
TINOX®ColourOrange 50Full shade/Tint shadePO 5
TINOX®ColourOrange 130Full shade/Tint shadePO 13
TINOX®ColourOrange 340Full shade/Tint shadePO 34
TINOX®ColourOrange 430Full shade/Tint shadePO 43
TINOX®ColourOrange 640Full shade/Tint shadePO 64
TINOX®ColourRed 20Full shade/Tint shadePR 2Complied
TINOX®ColourRed 20LFull shade/Tint shadePR 2Complied
TINOX®ColourRed 4820Full shade/Tint shadePR 48:2Complied
TINOX®ColourRed 4820PFull shade/Tint shadePR 48:2Complied
TINOX®ColourRed 5711Full shade/Tint shadePR 57:1Complied
TINOX®ColourRed 5712WHFull shade/Tint shadePR 57.1Complied
TINOX®ColourRed 1220BPFull shade/Tint shadePR 122Complied
TINOX®ColourRed 1220TFull shade/Tint shadePR 122
TINOX®ColourRed 1460Full shade/Tint shadePR 146
TINOX®ColourRed 1490Full shade/Tint shadePR 149Complied
TINOX®ColourRed 1701YFull shade/Tint shadePR 170Complied
TINOX®ColourRed 1702BFull shade/Tint shadePR 170Complied
TINOX®ColourRed 1770Full shade/Tint shadePR 177Complied
TINOX®ColourRed 1790Full shade/Tint shadePR 179Complied
TINOX®ColourRed 1790PFull shade/Tint shadePR 179Complied
TINOX®ColourRed 2540Full shade/Tint shadePR 254Complied
TINOX®ColourRed 2541PFull shade/Tint shadePR 254Complied
TINOX®ColourViolet 230SFull shade/Tint shadePV 23Complied
TINOX®ColourViolet 230WFull shade/Tint shadePV 23Complied
TINOX®ColourViolet 190Full shade/Tint shadePV19Complied
TINOX®ColourBlack 320Full shade/Tint shadePBK 32Complied
Cellulose ether - TinocellTM
G for General, M for Modified and S for Solubility delayed.
Tile AdhesiveJoint FillerCement Based PuttyGypsum Based PuttyGypsum Based PlasterMasonry MortarPlaster MortarExternal Wall InsulationSelf-leveling
HPMC G-0400400400
HPMC G-004K40004000
HPMC G-015K1500015000
HPMC G-050K5000025000
HPMC S-050K8000025000
HPMC G-080K10000040000
HPMC G-100K10000045000
HPMC S-100K15000045000
HPMC G-150K15000065000
HPMC S-150K15000065000
HPMC G-200K20000075000
HPMC S-200K20000075000
HPMC M-H10110000045000
HPMC M-S10110000045000
HPMC M-H20120000075000
HPMC M-S20120000075000
HPMC M-M20120000075000
Coalescing agent - ColsntTM
GradeProduct nameCAS No.Molecular weightREACH Compliance
TC-12Alcohol ester 1225265-77-4216.3Complied
TC-16Alcohol ester 166846-50-0286.4Complied