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Tinox Titanium Dioxide Rutile R-2160

Zr., Al., treated sulphate process rutile grade with excellent gloss and blue undertone


  • Coatings

    Both interior and extrior applications in waterbone or solvent system.

  • Industrial Powder Coatings

    Excellent disability and easyily use in all kinds of powder coatings system.

  • Masterbatches

    Especially for low-concentration formulation

  • Printing inks

    Excellent dispersibility gives i q


  • Strong Hiding Power and Tinting Strength

  • Excellent gloss and whiteness

  • Excellent dispersibility in waterborne and solvent borne systems

  • Blue undertone

Product characteristics


Tinox Titanium Dioxide Rutile R-2160 is a rutile universal pigment produced via sulphate process for waterborne and solvent borne paint systems. Produced with advanced technologies, particularly in terms of particle size control, this type of pigment shows strong optical properties. TINOX R-2160 convinces in the pigmented system by strong hiding power, strong tinting strength, excellent gloss properties and excellent dispersibility.


  • Paints & Coatings interior and exterior
  • Printing inks
  • Paper

Properties in pigmented system

  1. Strong hiding power
  2. Strong tinting strength
  3. Excellent gloss and whiteness
  4. Excellent dispersibility in waterborne and solventborne systems
  5. Blue undertone

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