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Tinox® provides our customers with a full range services.

With years experience on titanium dioxide and global supply chain, Tinox® is able to provide our customer with full range services from TiO2 application test to technical consulting, from marketing report to risk control, from pigment system adjusting to additives outsourcing.

Product outsourcing service

With years experience over titanium dioxide, Tinox® build a wide and highly professional network of related materials production, supplying and quality control. 

Technical services

More than dacades of expertise in titanium dioxide pigments enable us to innovate and develop our grades to the highest standards of quality and performance.

By deeply investing into the Chinese plants, enable us to provide the highest standards in the best economic value.

Customer services

Tinox® always put our customers’ benefits in the first priority. Our representatives all over the global are reliable, knowledgeable, approchable and quick. We all believe building good and longterm relationships with our partners is the key to mutual success.

Logistic services

We do understand that the right products should arrive at a right time. By investing in warehouses in China and Europe, we can perform our delivery as flexible and as quick as possible.

Your TiO2 expert from Düsseldorf Germany.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. It is our great pleasure to help you to a success.