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Tinox Titanium Dioxide Rutile R-2280

Zr., Al., treated sulphate process rutile grade with excellent processability and blue undertone


  • Masterbatches

    Especially for high concentrated Mastgerbatch

  • Consumer electronic plastics

    Widely used in plastic panels, home appliance shells

  • ABS

    Especially for engineering plastics

  • Plastics

    PVC, PP, PS, ABS, etc.


  • Excellent opacity and hiding power

  • Excellent dispersibility

  • Excellent heat resistance

  • Strong blue undertone

  • Excellent hydrophobic

  • Extremely low volatile

Product characteristics


Tinox Titanium Dioxide Rutile R-2280 is a sulphate process rutile pigment specially designed for the use in plastics. It has an inorganic posttreatment, as well as a very hydrophobic organic posttreatment. TINOX® R-2280 has a blue undertone and excellent properties in opacity and gloss. The unique production process grants R-2280 excellent dispersibility in plastics, low volatile,resistance at high temperatures and excellent processability. TINOX® R-2280 is used in a variety of different plastics.


  1. High concentrated Masterbatch
  2. Consumer electronic plastics
  3. Polypropylen PP
  4. Polystyrene PS
  5. ABS
  6. PVC


  1. Excellent opacity and hiding power
  2. Excellent dispersibility
  3. Excellent heat resistance
  4. Strong blue undertone
  5. Excellent hydrophobic
  6. Extremely low volatile

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    Additional information

    TiO2 content %

    Rutile content %

    Powder brightness L*

    96.7 Min


    Tinting strength in pigmented system (Reynold)

    Blue Undertone [SCX]

    4.4 Min

    Rel. humidity (105℃)

    Oil absorption [g/100g]

    pH Value

    Sieve residual [%] (45µm)

    Surface treatment


    Bulk density [kg/m3]




    ASTM D-476

    ISO 591-1:2000


    (1) Internal weathering classification, A: Strong, B: Good, C: moderate