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Tinox Titanium Dioxide Rutile CR-1120

Zr., Al., treated chloride process rutile grade for Coatings, Emulsion Paints and Road Marking Paints


  • Decorative Coatings

    Both interior and extrior applications in waterbone or solvent system.

  • Industrial Powder Coatings

    Excellent disability and easyily use in all kinds of powder coatings system.

  • Auomotive Coatings

    Excellent gloss to use in automotive coating system.

  • PVC

    Widely used in PVC and uPVC system, eg. window profile.

  • Masterbatches

    Excellent gloss and whiteness making it a good choice for masterbatches

  • Inks

    Also can be used in various Inks liek BOPP ink, PVC Ink, AQUA inks


  • Strong Hiding Power and Tinting Strength

  • Excellent gloss and whiteness

  • Bluish undertone

  • Good dispersibility

  • Strong durability

Product characteristics


Tinox Titanium Dioxide Rutile CR-1120 is a rutile unicersal TiO2 pigment from the chloride process which can be used in paint and coatings as well as in plastics. Produced with advanced technologies, particularly in terms of particle size control, this type of pigment shows excellent optical properties. Tinox Titanium Dioxide Rutile CR-1120 convinces in the pigmented system by strong hiding power and tinting strength, excellent gloss properties, good dispersibility and a bluish undertone.


  1. Interior/ Exterior decorative coatings
  2. Powder coatings, Industrial coatings
  3. Automotive coatings
  4. PVC
  5. Masterbatches
  6. Inks


  1. Strong hiding power and tinting strength
  2. Good dispersibility
  3. Excellent gloss and whiteness
  4. Bluish undertone
  5. Good dispersibility
  6. Strong durability

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    TiO2 content %

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    Powder brightness L*

    97.0 Min


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    Rel. humidity (105℃)

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    Tinting strength in pigmented system (Reynold)

    pH Value

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    ASTM D-476

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