Safety, health and the environment

TINOX® Titanium Dioxide is stable under normal conditions and inert to most chemical substances.
Titanium dioxide is generally not classified as hazardous to human health or the environment, and is also
a non-hazardous substance for transportation. In dealing with TINOX® dust is possible. In the case of
long-term exposure of TiO2 dust suitable dust respiratory carrier should be used. All requirements of
REACH-EC-Regulation 1907/2006 are fulfilled. There is a safety data sheet for TINOX®. Titanium dioxide
from TINOX® meets the legal limits for use in materials that come into contact with food.


The production and distribution of TINOX® Titanium Dioxide takes place within the framework of the
certified quality management system ISO 9001, as well as the ISO 14001-certified environmental
management system and the OHSAS 18001.


TINOX® TiO2 pigments are packed as bagged goods with 25 kg net weight or in big bags for 1000 kg net.
TINOX® is supplied on disposable wooden pallet (each pallet 1 ton), pallets are covered with polyethylene shrink film. Special packaging and labels can be arranged on request.