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TINOX® CR-1120

Zr., Al., treated chloride process rutile grade for Coatings, Emulsion Paints and Road Marking Paints


  • Decorative Coatings

    Both interior and extrior applications in waterbone or solvent system.

  • Industrial Powder Coatings

    Excellent disability and easyily use in all kinds of powder coatings system.

  • Auomotive Coatings

    Excellent gloss to use in automotive coating system.

  • PVC

    Widely used in PVC and uPVC system, eg. window profile.

  • Masterbatches

    Excellent gloss and whiteness making it a good choice for masterbatches

  • Inks

    Also can be used in various Inks liek BOPP ink, PVC Ink, AQUA inks


  • Strong Hiding Power and Tinting Strength

  • Excellent gloss and whiteness

  • Bluish undertone

  • Good dispersibility

  • Strong durability

TiO2 content % 93.0 Min
Rutile content % 99.5 Min
Powder brightness L* 97.0 Min
b* 2.0 Max
Oil absorption [g/100g] 20.0 Max
Rel. humidity (105℃) 0.5 Max
Surface treatment Al., Zr.
Tinting strength in pigmented system (Reynold) 1900 Min
pH Value 6.0-9.0
Specific resistance Ohm*m 100 Min
Dispersibility Hegman Scale 6.0 Min
GB/T1706 R2