Who we are


German TiO2 Supplier

TINOX® is a global supplier of titanium dioxide. It is headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. The new sales and marketing offices in Canada, India, China, and Brazil will bring a global market perspective to TINOX®. Our valued technical and professional people are customer-oriented, focused on problem-solving solutions utilizing our comprehensive knowledge of our product portfolio and product applications. We provide tailored solutions to our partners and customers across Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Middle-East.

Through our people and their expertise in establishing trustful and sustainable partnerships, TINOX® can provide formulations´ advice for several market segments where we play on, processes guidance, and application development, thus generating unrivalled value-added to our customers and partners.  We safely deliver chemistry with the aim of improving people´s life quality.

TINOX® is rapidly growing to become one of the most reliable and consistency chemistry partner in the world.

Our Value

We believe that ethical and moral standards are the foundation of good business policies, and we will operate safe, clean, efficient facilities in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of titanium dioxide, TINOX® offers value through expertise employing highly technical specialists to develop titanium dioxide to customers in a wide range of market sectors. TINOX® invests in plants in China, seeking to develop top-level SP grade TiO2 with better commercial value and providing both the distributor and end-user with valuable market intelligence and technical expertise. To its customers, TINOX® offers a comprehensive portfolio of titanium dioxide and organic pigments and transparent iron oxide together with expert technical advice and formulation support.

TINOX® has a focus on achieving growth through long term partnerships combined with market expertise, technical development and innovation. This strategy has yielded solid growth based on the following strengths:

  • leading international titanium dioxide focused R&D, marketing and distribution platform
  • the diversified and resilient business model
  • superior margin conversion and cash conversion
  • proven and committed management team

Our Mission

We strive to provide cutting-edge solutions by continuous innovation, deliver sustainable growth for our people, customers, partners, suppliers, and investors.

Our Vision

Enhance the strength of the Chinese Titanium dioxide industry through TIONX technology and international cooperation, bring high performance engineered pigments to the world, make colors brighter.

History & Milestone

  • 2010 TINOX established the strategic partnership with Pangang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 2012 TINOX Chemie GmbH established, started the progress of innovation and globalization.
  • 2016 TINOX made efforts on the basic and application research of TiO2, launched product development and process optimization projects.
  • 2018 A TINOX® brand operated independently.


Titanium dioxide is used in almost every aspect of daily life, ranging from the cosmetics we wear, the food we eat, the cars we drive and the medication we take. The constant demand for product improvement and higher performance drives the requirement for innovative speciality chemicals.


By working closely with TINOX®, customers ensure that they have the highest level of technical and formulation support to create market-leading and innovative products. TINOX® also provides additional tailored services for customers including local stocking, repacking, mixing, blending and has a continual focus on delivering a premium customer service to further develop close, long-term relationships. TINOX®’s customers operate in a wide variety of end markets in the life science and industrial sectors, manufacturing a large array of products including paints, adhesives, inks, construction materials, plastic products, lubricants, tablets and capsules, cosmetics, fragrances, food and beverages.

Supply chain

TINOX®’s logistics and warehousing are, whenever possible, outsourced to best-in-class third-party service providers enabling the Company to respond in a quick and flexible way to any change in supplier, customer or market demand. This asset-light business model allows TINOX® to be adaptable, reliable and efficient, offering bespoke simplified solutions to fulfil the technical, commercial and quality requirements of its customers and suppliers alike. With central, regional and local warehouses in place across all operating territories, TINOX® can deliver its products to most customers within a 24-hour time frame. All TINOX® third-party logistics service providers are monitored and audited by TINOX®’s dedicated HSEQ team with expert knowledge of control regulations and business standards for the storage, handling and transport of speciality chemicals and ingredients.


TINOX®’s biggest asset is its people. The Company currently employs people across 6 continents. With a focus on face-to-face customer interaction, approximately 70% of TINOX®’s employees are part of the technically and commercially skilled sales force that is able to understand customer needs and grow the business. These professionals possess a relevant technical background and are dedicated market specialists who focus exclusively on their respective fields, playing a vital role in maintaining and expanding the Company’s relationships with its partners. The remaining 30% are involved in IT, finance, supply chain, HSEQ, legal and HR management.

On the basis of shared business culture and facilitated through an integrated group-wide IT infrastructure, TINOX® employees efficiently collaborate and share their expertise throughout the organisation. Together they provide the solid platform from which the Company operates. It is the Company’s philosophy to encourage entrepreneurial spirit throughout TINOX® and to create an efficient and fast-paced working environment to attract and retain ambitious and talented people. Through continuous investment in local and international training and development programs, the professional knowledge of TINOX®’s employees is kept up to date and to the highest standards. With clear responsibilities and accountability for results within its business groups and regional organizations, TINOX® aims to create long term employee commitment and a drive to excel.

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